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WPP Varsity Women's
Top 20 Poll
Week #13 04/17/15

 1 UCLA 11 Indiana
 2 Stanford 12 LBSU
 3 USC 13 Princeton
 4 Cal 14 LMU
 5 Hawaii 15 UOP
 6 UCD 16 UCSD
 7 UCI 17 Hartwick
 8 CSUN 18 Michigan
 9 ASU 19 Wagner

CWPA Varsity Women's
Top 20 Poll Week #13 04/17/15

 1 Stanford 11 LBSU
 2 UCLA 12 Indiana
 3 USC 13 Princeton
 4 Cal 14 UOP
 5 UCI 15 UCSB
 6 Hawaii 16 Michigan
 7 ASU 17 LMU
 9 UCD 19 Wagner
10 CSUN 20T Hartwick
  20T Harvard

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National League
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National League

Some advice from American proverbs for Beavis and Butt-head:

Actions speak louder than words.

The first step is always the hardest.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

But-Head & Beavis


Jim Solum   Smart Hands: Part V  New 04/01   by Jim Solum
  Jim Will Not Only Tell You What is Wrong He Will Tell you How to Fix It.
Doru Roll   In Search of Popularity – Updating the Game  New 04/01   by Doru
  Doru's Articles Are Informative and Powerfully Persuasive.
Dante  What Will it Take to Change Water Polo?  New 04/01   by Dante
  We Need to Change the Way We Play and Coach The Game.
Russ Thompson   Interview with Bob Corb, NCAA Coordinator  Rerun 04/01   by Russ
  Players and Coaches Are Interviewed; Why Not Interview Referees?
Rich Foster   Interview with Olympian Jody Campbell  New 04/01   by Rich Foster
  Let Us Not Forget Our Olympic Players, Coaches, and Referees.
Water Polo Player  The Sport of Water Polo  New 04/01   by Anonymous
  Is This the Real Game?
Joan Gould  An American Water Polo Hero  Rerun 04/01   by Joan Gould
  What Do You Think - Gang Fact or Fiction? .

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