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NCAA Women's Scores / May 15

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WPP Varsity Women's
Top 20 Poll
Week #18-05/18

 1 USC 11 Hawaii
 2 Stanford 12 UCD
 3 UCLA 13 Princeton
 4 Michigan 14 Harvard
 5 ASU 15 SDSU
 7 UCSB 17 Indiana
 8 UCI 18 Wagner
 9 Cal 19 UOP
10 SJSU 20 CSN

CWPA Varsity Women's
Top 20 Poll Week #18-05/18

 1 USC 12 LBSU
 2 Stanford 13 Indiana
 4 Michigan 15 UOP
 5 ASU 16 UCSD
 6 Cal 17 Princeton
 7 Hawaii 18 Wagner
 8 UCI 19 Hartwick
 9T UCSD 20T Harvard
9T UCSB 20TBucknell
11 SJSU   

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