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NCAA Men's Schedules/Scores


WPP Varsity Men's Top 20
Poll Week #2 09/16/14

 1 UCLA 11 LMU
 2 Stanford 12 UCD
 3 USC 13 Navy
 4 Cal 14 Pepperdine
 5 LBSU 15 Harvard
 6 UOP 16 SCU
 7 UCSB 17 Brown
 8 PrincetonI 18 Concordia
 9 UCI 19 Whittier
10 UCSD 20 GWU

CWPA Varsity Men's Top 20
Poll Week #1 09/10/14

 1 Stanford 11 Princeton
 2 UCLA 12 Pepperdine
 3 USC 13 LMU
 4 Cal 14T Brown
 5 LBSU 14T Navy
 6 UOP 16 SCU
 7 UCSB 17 Whittier
 8 UCI 18T Air Force
 9 UCSD 18T Harvard
10 UCD 20 GWU

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Some advice from Mark Twain for Beavis and Butt-head:

1 ) It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

2) Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

But-Head & Beavis

USA Cube

Terry Schroder   Fudamentals of the Center: Part   Rerun 09/15   by Terry Schroeder
  Articles That Make the WP Community True Believers in Fundamentals.
Trevor Freeman   Interview with Coach Denny Harper of UCSD   New 09/15   by Trevor
  Trevor Manages to Get the Good Stuff in All His Interviews.
Dante   Driving 101: Part 4   New 09/15   by Dante Dettamanti
  Because of Today's Rules Maybe We Don't Need a 2-Meter Player?
Mike Reid   Mobility Complex   Rerun 09/15   by Mike Reid
  Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent Doesn't Work Hard!
Sandy Vessey-Schneider   Interview with Goalie   New 09/15   by Sandy Schneider
  Some Players Can Win A Game But Only Goalies Can Save A Game.
Ryan Upper   Center Court Transition Picks   New 09/15   by Ryan Upper
  Coach If You Want Your Team To Get Better Then Use Your Creativity.
Doc   You Got to Be Kidding - Help!   New 09/15     by Doc Hunkler
  You Can't Hold with Two Hands But You Can Hold with One Hand?

  HOT!   Water Polo Message Board Topics

Jim Solum   Reading the Goalie: Part 6 by Jim Solum
  Jim Will Not Only Tell You What is Wrong He Will Tell you How to Fix It.
Doru Roll   The US Women's National Team – Where's the Love? by Doru
  Doru's Articles Are Informative and Powerfully Persuasive.
Dante   Creating a Movement Game by Dante Dettamanti
  Because of Today's Rules Maybe We Don't Need a 2-Meter Player?
Russ Thompson   Summer Travels with Referee Mark Koganov Russ Thompson
  Players and Coaches Are Interviewed; Why Not Interview Referees?
Rich Foster   Interview with Olympian Dave Ashleigh by Rich Foster
  Let Us Not Forget Our Olympic Players, Coaches, and Referees.
Water Polo Player   Training for Performance by Adam Bently
  Another Research Article on the Training of Water Polo.
Joan Gould   Building Professional League in USA: Part 4 by Joan Gould
  Does the USA Really Need a Professional League - You Betcha We Do!

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