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WPP Varsity Women's
Top 20 Poll
Week #16 05/06/15

 1 Stanford 11 Indiana
 2 UCLA 12 Princeton
 3 USC 13 UOP
 4 Cal 14 SDSU
 5 ASU 15 UCSD
 6 UCI 16 LMU
 7 Hawaii 17 UCSB
 8 CSUNi 18 LBSU
 9 UCD 19 Michigan
10 SJSU 20 Wagner

CWPA Varsity Women's
Top 20 Poll Week #16 05/06/15

 2 Stanford T11 Indiana
 3 USC 13 UCSB
 4 CAL 14 LMU
 5 Hawaii 15 LBSU
 6 UCI 16 UOP
 T8 ASU T18 Wagner
 T8 Princeton T18 Hartwick

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But-Head & Beavis

Terry Schroder   The Mental Game  Rerun 05/01  by Terry Schroeder
  The Mental Game Is As Important As The Physical Game.
Trevor Freeman  Interview with Adam Wright of UCLA   Rerun 05/01   by Trevor - These Are
  Last Year's NCAA Champs which Are to be Compared with this Year's .
Sandy Vessey-Schneider   Interview with Goalie Ashleigh Johnson  New 05/01   by Sandy
  Some Players Can Win A Game But Only Goalies Can Save A Game.
Ryan Upper   The Principle of Specificity and Shooting    New 05/01   by Ryan
  Coach If You Want Your Team To Get Better Then Use Your Creativity.
Mike Reid  Waterpolo Research-Free Downloads    New 05/01   by Mike Reid
  Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent Doesn't Work Hard!
Water Polo Player  Dryland Training with Genai Kerr   New 05/01   by Genai Kerr
  Another Olympian Sharing His Advice
.Doc   Advice for a USAWP CEO  Rerun 05/01  by Doc Hunkler
  We Suggest Books and Articles and All You Do Is Eat the Covers.

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