Zone Representatives Vote to Do Away with the Board of Directors' Term Limits

Richard Hunkler, PhD.
Water Polo Planet

Here is something you won’t find in any streaming video. Hopefully you are going to find it in the Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting.

The Zone Representatives voted initially 30 to 8 to do away with term limits for the members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors thanked the Zone Representatives for their vote of confidence and they told the Zone Representatives they would like to discuss their vote privately amongst themselves. After their discussion they would get back to the assembly.

The Board of Directors told the Zone Representatives that they didn’t want the membership to think they were pulling a fast one by doing away with the Board of Directors term limits so the Board of Directors voted no to doing away with the Board of Directors term limits for this year. Instead they voted that if a member did not get a full term the half term (1 year) would not count as a term and the Board of Directors said that next year they could address the possibility of doing away with term limits not only for the Board of Directors but also for the Zone Representatives. The first part of the previous sentence means of course that Mike Graff and Ed Reynolds will be on the Board of Directors until the end of 2013 which in turn means we will have Chris Ramsey as our CEO until the end of 2013 because those two individuals are Chris’s strongest supporters.

Now what about the second part of doing away with term limits for the Board of Directors and also for the Zone Representatives. The first question to ask is can the Board of Directors, and the Zone Representatives do this? Article 22 in the By Laws says:


Section 21.1. Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended, repealed, or altered, in whole or in part, and new Bylaws may
be adopted by a three-quarters (3/4) vote of all directors of the Board, except for any changes to
Article 7, which would also require ratification by the Zone Representatives at an USA Water
Polo Assembly by a two-thirds vote.


ARTICLE 7 involves tenure of the Board of Directors.

Thus the answer for the first question is a “yes”.  The second and final question and the most important question is “Should the Board of Directors and Zone Representatives do away with their term limits?” The answer to the second question is a resounding “NO”! Just because you “can” do something does not necessarily mean you “should” do it. How soon we forget. During the ratification of the By Laws the part about “term limits” was very hotly debated and after this heated discussion an overwhelming number of the members voted for term limits. If I remember correctly the meaning of this vote went to the core of our organization in that we did not wish to create just another good old boys club similar to what we had done in the past. I think we decided that one of the ways we could do this is by having term limits because term limits would generate a stream of new people with new ideas into our organization. A hardening of the idea arteries of the “old Guard” is not going to help us but a staggered infusion of “young Turks” might just do the trick.

Have we been existence so long that we are already to abandon one of the main reasons for our new By Laws? At this point in time how could anyone know if term limits are going to work or not. We need at least a dozen members of the Board of Directors and a dozen Zone Representatives to have reached their term limits to see if it is going to work. Let us do the right thing not the most expedient thing. You may disagree with the stand I am taking and that is all right but please take a stand yourself. USAWP members let your voices be heard by the Board of Directors and Zone Representatives and Zone Representatives please don’t be fooled by the Board of Director’s giving you each year 20 pieces of silver in the guise of an all paid fun weekend in California.

Please tell Board of Directors what you think:

Mike Graff: Chairman [email protected]
Bill Smith: Secretary [email protected]
Ed Reynolds: [email protected]
RoAnn Costin: [email protected]
Richard Esterkin: [email protected]
John Hendrickson: [email protected]
Sandy Nitta: [email protected]
Bob Sternfels: [email protected]

Please tell Zone Representatives what you think:

Central California:
Brent Bohlender:[email protected]
Treasurer - Lori Gentry: [email protected]
Secretary - C.J. John Ramirez: [email protected]
Member-At-Large - Bobby Contreras: [email protected]
Vice Chair - Cathy Neushul: [email protected]

Coastal California:
Manny Gonzalez: [email protected]

Ron Marsh: [email protected]
Secretary - Mark Menis: [email protected]
At-Large - Loren Bertocci: [email protected] RESIGNED IN OCTOBER 2011

Zone Chair – Brad Peercy: [email protected]
NRC Rep - Joe Peila (FINA): [email protected]
Colorado Rep - Keith Leggett: [email protected]
New Mexico Rep - Brandon Huffman: [email protected]
Arizona Rep - Jeff Reed: [email protected]
Utah Rep - Don Lewis: [email protected]
Nevada Rep - Louie Bejarano: [email protected]

Zone Chair: – Roddy Carter: [email protected]

Zone Chair – Andrew Morris: [email protected]

Pacific Southwest:
Zone Chair – Sean Green: [email protected]
Treasurer - Gary Hull: [email protected]
Secretary - Bruce Morehouse: [email protected]
Member-At-Large - Dan Way: [email protected]
Events Coordinator - Ian McKercher: [email protected]

Zone Chair – Alan Serure: [email protected]
Vice Chair – Heather Patchen: [email protected]

Southern Pacific
Zone Chair – Mark Cousineau: [email protected]
Vice Chair - Nick Baba: [email protected]
Zone Referee - Steve Redding: [email protected]
Secretary - John Kulisich: [email protected]
Open Director - Scott Mitchell: [email protected]
Treasure - Jeff Colton: [email protected]

Zone Chair – Joe Linehan: [email protected]
Treasurer: Jimmy Linehan: [email protected]
Vice-Chair: Robert Albach: [email protected]
Member-At-Large: Scott Slay: [email protected]