What Does Doc Want for His New Year Resolution?

Richard Hunkler, Ph.D.
Slippery Rock University

Elimination of coaches who are more interested in winning championships than they are in winning the hearts and minds of present and future water polo players. Keep coaches who support a rule not because it will help their team win, but because it will help water polo. Remember, water polo was on this planet way before you started coaching, and with your help it will be here long after you are no longer involved

For some referees to wear a leather holster on each hip of their white pants. In the one holster they are to place a yellow card and the other holster they are to place a red card. This would announce to players, coaches and spectators, loud and clear, that there are quick draw card-men on the deck. Maybe, we should send all of them to Alaska, the last western frontier of this great country of ours. Do they play water polo in Alaska?

Players who insist on grabbing and exposing another player's private parts to find another game to corrupt and to leave our game alone. The game was fine before they started playing and it will be much better after they leave it. In the seventies, eighties and even part of the nineties to see a women's bare breast in a water polo game was a rarity that competed with the sighting of Hailey's comet, and today it is more like seeing one of those negative political ads in a battle ground state during the Presidential election.

Coaches, who make those loud, player-directed, negative remarks, during a game are to be told that those types of remarks should be reserved for practice in one's home pool and the locker room before or after the game. Seeing another person in public being treated like an animal is demeaning not only to the person that is being confronted, but also to almost every other person watching the confrontation. Possibly, we could place one of my Mother's bars of soap in their mouths when they make such remarks during a game?

For some referees, coaches, and players not to wear their raw emotions and biases on their sleeve like an expensive Rolex watch, but rather to treat them like a plain old pocket watch. Shove both of these character traits deep into one of their pockets, just like they would a pocket watch, and don't let them out until way after the game has timed out.

To be able to tell all those players, coaches and referees who think their do-do doesn't stink that it really does, and it is stinking up our entire sport. "He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much" - Bessie A. Stanley. Did you see anything about being a water polo star in that quote?

A set of water polo rules which rewards agility, quickness, smarts, and skill rather than a set of rules which rewards mostly brute strength. Rules that are made of the people, by the people, and for the people involved in the sport of water polo.

A TWPC that doesn't cater more to their own needs than they do to the needs of the sport. Come on gang put politics last and the game of water polo first. Most of the current members are sincerely concerned about our sport, but remember it took only one bad apple to put Snow White in a deep sleep.

Build a large whine cellar to place all those people who want to whine about how the referees are calling the game, coaches are coaching the game, and players are playing the game. If you can't say something constructive then put a size thirteen shoe in your very large, whiny mouth. After this post, I might even be made a charter resident in that whine cellar.

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