The USWP Provides Us With Yet Another Object Lesson?

Richard Hunkler, Ph.D.
Slippery Rock University

Yes, the USWP provides us with another object lesson on how NOT to run a sport's federation. A message board, is a message board, is a message board, or is it? There are message boards that are free and there are message boards that allow one to post anonymously and then there is the USWP's message board. The USWP's message board is a magical message board because members can post critical messages about coaches, players, and rules and they blossom as if they were beans from the Jack and the Beanstalk story, but if members post messages critical of the USWP or any of their officers or staff then poof they mysteriously disappear as if they were on the stage of David Copperfield.

Sometimes the messages disappear in broad daylight, but most of the time they disappear under the sneaky cover of night. And it is as if the messages never existed because sometimes not only the message is removed but the message's topic is also removed by slight of hand - a few hocus pocus presses of the keys on the webmaster's keyboard and the messages are gone without a trace. I think the philosophy behind these mysterious disappearances is, "If you can't kill the tree of thought by cutting off its limbs then rip its' righteous roots out." It is similar to throwing the baby of a story out with the USWP's dirty water.

Wait a minute the magic is not finished. After the messages mysteriously disappear a new rebuttal message appears on the USWP message board. Since many members haven't seen the original messages they don't know what the hell the rebuttal is all about. I have often wondered about the logic of a sport's organization that allows members to write rebuttal articles to articles that no longer exist. Is this anything like writing a play about a six foot imaginary rabbit called Harvey? At least this play was written for laughs.

I have two more remarks to make about this incident 1) it ain't going to happen on; 2) if you don't learn from the past then your messages are going to continue to mysteriously disappear on the USWP message board; and 3) Harry Truman said it the best when he said something similar to "If you can't take the heat then get out of the Vice President's office." That wasn't two remarks it was three - maybe I should write articles for the USWP?

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