Resolutions I Wish Others in Water Polo Would Make!

Richard Hunkler, PhD.
Water Polo Planet

Let’s start off the New Year with some fun by me putting words in the mouths of not babes but important people in the water polo community. These words will be in the form of the year 2008 resolutions that I would like these people to make because I think it will help water polo. Since no one resolution is more important than any other resolution I make up, I will place them in alphabetical order.

Club Coaches: We pledge to recruit a total of 12 new players to our age group program this year. You are the unsung heroes of water polo because you keep our numbers from becoming an inverted triangle similar to social security numbers and, more importantly, you keep the game of water polo from becoming bankrupt in terms of excitement and participation so future generations can also enjoy our beloved game. The National water polo community should thank you and we at WPP thank you.
Club Players: We will recruit two new players to our team in the coming year. The young in age and the young in heart are the ambassadors of our sport and without them and their burning desire to play and help water polo there will be no more water polo.

Collegiate Coaches: We will no longer allow the NCAA to treat us like children, so we will no longer take the mandated recruitment test every year. Coaching is a profession! Can you imagine physicians having to take a test every year on what drugs to administer? Can you imagine the lawyers having to take a test every year telling them who they can or cannot sue (wouldn’t that be grand but it’s not going to happen)?

Collegiate Players: We will no longer allow only NCAA coaches and college administrators to dictate both our eligibility and playing rules because we will refuse to play until the NCAA places student athletes on the water polo committees. The NCAA needs to lead you out of the dark ages of sport and let you have a voice in the way collegiate sports are run.

Collegiate Referees: We will no longer be disrespected by the conference in which we referee because we are going to form a national union of collegiate referees. A union run for the referees, by the referees, and of the referees.

CWPA Board of Directors: We will create two organizations, one for the varsity teams and one for the club teams. Mixing varsity and club teams is similar to trying to mix principles and taste. In matters involving principles and varsities stand like the rock and in matters involving taste and clubs swim with the current.

CWPA Board of Directors: If having two organizations, one for the varsity teams and one for the club teams, is out of the question at least we will have two separate web sites. This will give the water polo community the illusion that the varsity teams are treated more respectfully than the club teams. Equal and separate didn’t work for the segregation of schools and it ain’t going to work here, especially when the club teams way outnumber the varsity teams.

CWPA Board of Directors: We will reinstate Loren Bertocci as a referee in good standing to do CWPA games. Instead trying to make the crime fit the punishment make the punishment fit the crime. Banned for life – who did he kill?

FINA TWPC: We will no longer give referees verbal instructions on how to interpret the rules but rather we will give players, coaches, and referees only written instructions. I hear I forget; I read I remember; I do without verbal explanations from the TWPC I learn.

Inappropriate Photographers: We will sell photos of adults in Speedo suits to other adults but we will never even take a photo of a minor in a Speedo suit without the parent’s permission, much less sell it, to anyone. Yes, we at WPP know the difference between a homosexual and a pederast we have no qualms about the first but we won’t tolerate the second on our message board.

NCAA: We will not punish other sports for the evil deeds basketball and football coaches do. The NCAA espouses how important it is for every athlete to graduate but they reward the sports with the lowest graduation rates and not those sports that have the highest graduation rate. Collegiate men and women water polo players have some of the highest graduation rates among all NCAA sports and Men’s Water Polo still has a 4 team championship and Women’s Water Polo still has a 8 team championship. Is graduation the bottom line or is it really generated revenue.

NCAA: Since the President of a College or University does not tell the students what they can and cannot do during the summer months, we will no longer tell the student athletes what they can and cannot do during the summer months because it is none of our darn business. The NCAA petitioned the Federal government to break up the AAU into separate sports because it had too much control over amateur sports in this country. Today the NCAA has morphed itself into the AAU and remember, “Hypocrisy by any other name is still hypocrisy”.

Some Polo Parents: We will no longer make fools of ourselves in front of our children, other players, coaches, referees, and other parents by yelling our heads off at opposing players, coaches, referees, and spectators. This is embarrassing your children and the game of water polo.

USAWP CEO: I will post a bi-monthly or quarterly open letter to the membership explaining what the USAWP is doing to improve the state of water polo in this country. Remember in the USAWP many times the squeaky wheel will get the grease.

USAWP Webmaster: Since many times the medium is the message I will no longer post unprofessional looking logos or images or advertisements on the web site and all facts will be double checked before posting them on the web site as well. (Images, logos and advertisements have a different back ground color than the pages on which they are posted.) If you can’t do this then bring back Nick Baba.

WPP: We will continue to be the irritant dingle berry in the occasional butthead decisions of FINA, the NCAA, and the USAWP and we will strive to bring you as much knowledge and information about water polo as our over worked little minds and hearts will allow us to do. Enough said!

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