Chris Ramsey the Honeymoon for Being the USAWP CEO Is Over!

Richard Hunkler, PhD.
Water Polo Planet

The Honeymoon for Chris Ramsey is about over and I think his hiring practices, his decisions and his behavior need to be evaluated  more closely and I think his goals should be more in line with the goals of the rank and file members of the USAWP. Remember we are not talking about the CEO of GM because we are talking about someone way more important than the CEO of GM - we are talking about the CEO of the USAWP. Here is a list of a dozen open ended questions that I think should be answered by Chris Ramsey the CEO of the USAWP:

  1. If we are really committed to the ODP program then why were most of the USAWP administrators at the World Championships and not at JO’s?

  2. Why were there only 63 clubs outside of California entered in the JO’s this year? (Sixty-three clubs out of a total of about 360 clubs is not acceptable.)

  3. Why such a large turnover in staff personnel?

  4. Why the need for a new staff position? (WPP asked Chris if we could interview the new hire and our request was ignored.)

  5. Why is the Media Relations Manager no longer a member of the FINA media?

  6. Why can’t the CEO hire an effective Marketing person? (We are on the second hire and this person appears to be no better than the first hire.)

  7. Why didn’t the CEO protest to FINA about the TWPC appointing members to its committee whose country has no National Women’s Team?

  8. Why didn’t CEO protest to FINA about the TWPC not appointing females to its committee?

  9. How can the CEO equate a men's team playing in the World University Games with the women's team playing in the Holiday Cup?

  10. Why is there such poor communication between the USAWP members and the CEO? (WPP has been asking for more communication from the CEO since he was hired. I even suggested the CEO write a quarterly Newsletter.)

  11. Where are the follow ups to the Town Hall Meetings?

  12. Instead of politicking with Town Hall meetings why not spend that money on a Recruitment plan? We could have a recruitment drive called “Two for One” drive. If a member gets another new player or fan to join the USAWP then that member only pays half of the membership dues. If the player gets two new players or fans to join then that player receives a free membership for a year. Or create something similar to a “Letterman’s List” which would be a list of ten reasons why you should join the USAWP. Post these reasons all over the USAWP website instead all that baloney about how tough and macho water polo is.

At the following link you can find a pdf file containing the USAWP Growth Strategy Document:

Have you seen this document before and if not why not? Do you think this is the strategy the USAWP should be following? Get involved and demand answers from your CEO. If you don’t care about my 12 questions then send me some questions that you do care about and I will post them in this article or on the message board. Email Coach Hunkler at [email protected]

This is what we expect from the USAWP CEO. This is not!