Ten Reasons Why People Don't Watch a Water Polo Game.

Richard Hunkler, PhD.
Water Polo Planet

ten  The game you watched was not the game you expected!

number 1

nine The rules don’t appear to be the same at both ends of the swimming pool?

burning at both ends

eight  A person watching the two teams swimming up and down the pool and thinking “If I wanted to watch all this
 swimming then I would have gone to a swimming meet”.

pool parts

 seven Only time players’ drive any more is after a game when they are teeing off on the different holes in a round of golf.


 six A contra foul at each end to even things up. (Is that really the job of the referee?)


 five Referees awarding a jillion ejections especially in critical games!

chariie brown

four Having to watch a jillion 6 on 5 plays. (If you had all the 6 on 5's in the world would you want to see them in one

sumo wrestlers

three Watching sumo wrestlers wrestle at 2 meters. (The only thing missing are the fancy hairdos and two large diapers.)

sumo wrestlers

 two A defense consisting of an excellent goalie and six large players who know how to hold?

holding driver

 one Too many darn whistles. (Only thing that has more whistles than a water polo game is a model train.)