Water Polo Suggestions for the 2011 New Year

Richard Hunkler, PhD.
Water Polo Planet


Here are a Baker's dozen of suggestions I think water polo needs for the 2011 New Year. We need a ...

#12 USAWPCA run by Coaches and not the USAWP.

#12 USAWPOA run by referees and not the USAWP.

#11 CWPA that needs to bring more than just two competent referees to the Eastern Championship.

#10 League Commissioner in the East that understands a bad west coast referee is not better than a good east coast referee.

#9 Referee to understand that contra fouls means more swimming and less water polo.

#8 Person who lives and breathes ODP and doesn’t still want to coach a US Team or run the USAWP.

#7 USAWP organization as interested in raising the number of water polo players as they are in raising money.

#6 Masters player to know he or she is a gate keeper of water polo and not just a money tree.

#5 Water polo match that does not bring to mind the Texas card game called Texas hold ’em.

#4 TWPC which is populated with men and women who know water polo and not Politicos.

#3 USAWP CEO that is worth $290,000 a year.

#2 B-O-D that understands the best way to grow water polo is to treat it as national sport not a regional sport.

#1 Set of rules that are understood by players, coaches, referees and spectators.