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Part 1

Goalkeepers, the Great Forgotten

The Crow

Do we pay enough attention to our goalkeepers?

There are many times when we have finished explaining the training to our field players,that we look at our two goalkeepers alone, who are anxiously waiting for the training that applies to them and we say nothing.  Our solutions for the goalkeepers are not always the best. Here are some exampes of our solutions...

These are easy solutions but they are not the correct solutions for players who are an essential elements for our team’s success.

It is said that a goalkeeper is as much as 50% of the team.  That might not be a slight exaggeration but a goalkeeper is one of the most important players on any team and we don’t treat him as such.

We do not correct them for their technical mistakes.

We do not make them work hard enough to achieve their maximum.

We do not prepare them to perform at 100% in games at the end of the week.

We do not adapt our system to them, but we expect them to adapt to our system.  Perhaps you should not take the same approach with all goalkeepers. The goalkeeps range from those who save shots from close range, some who save shots from far range,some who are fast or slow,some who steal balls, some who have a great wingspan, some who stay up for the fake, and some who only save first time shots.  In the end, we must ask what type of goalkeepers do we have?

Part 2

What Goalkeepers Do We Have?

In general terms if we say, that whoever is our goalkeeper, our system is not going to change then are making a big error.
Here are some examples: