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Part 6 (6.2.5 - 6.2.8)


The Crow

6.2.5 The jump

There are two different leg techniques for the jump.

Hands low in the water

We have already explained the alert movements to initiate the jump: this is the complete sequence with the jump included…

01 02
Final boost for
the lateral jump

03 04
Palm downwards
with minimum
Vertical and
lateral force


Have a look at these lateral jumps:

06 07 08 09


None of them have the support hand at the end of the jump.

In some it is because, even having made the effort of a lateral push, their body is already at maximum height for the jump and the hand is off the water.

In others, it’s a result of the circumstances of the game.

The correct jump can be done when the shooter is at a distance of 6-8 metres: when the shooter is much closer, (in man-up, counter-attack, lateral players), the tendency of the goalkeeper is:

Don’t get confused by the examples below, where the trunk is completely vertical.


6.2.6 The jump with a fake

The principal mission of the goalkeeper, in response to fakes, is to maintain the alert position as much as possible.
Errors when responding to fakes:

12 13

14 15

The sequence is clear: at the beginning of the shot, Patricia del Soto has her hands in the water and in the end makes the save.

6.2.7 Arms in the jump

Always depending on the situation, normally the arms will move from a forward position to the side or upwards.

The first movement you already know.

Hand movement in alert position No 2


Vertical force to begin the jump

Which allows you to get to a high position.


From that position, you can make whatever jump you like quickly and with lateral support.



In a low position or with an open alert position:

Open alert position: slow around the head, with arms extended and around body

Short corners


Low jumps, arm go from up to down.

6,2.8 Hands

Once the jump is correctly started, the hands become the most important element to avoid corners and rebounds to a long way out.

Turning wrists forwards, downwards and inwards is important to block shots and to not give the ball away.

21 22
23 24

The End

Note: I repeat again that they are personal opinions and that, of course, I don’t have perfect technique myself…