Mobility Flow

Michael Reid will be publishing new articles on every few months and will discuss the science and practice of physical training for Water Polo. Strength, flexibility, Water Polo science, rehab and other areas of interest with respect to the physical development of the Water Polo athlete will be covered.

In a previous article I wrote about a mobility complex which is wear you do one exercise for a set number of reps then proceed to another exercise and so on. There is a video of this which can be found here.

Something I have been doing for myself and my athletes is adding a mobility flow as part of their dry-land warm up. A mobility exercise usually blends components of strength and stretching but it is really doing any exercise to improve ones dynamic range of motion.

A flow is a series of exercises done for one rep each and in a sequence in such a way that you transfer logically from one move to another. Sometimes a flow is also called a chain.

In the mobility flow below, you will see some common strength exercises blended with some more “yoga-ish” type moves. It can be done as a warm up or for conditioning. It is really a matter of how you program it. With the below example you could simply add the number of sequences you perform before you stop, for example 10-20x through. Ten cycles usually takes me about 5-6 minutes to complete and for me it is really used as part of a warm up or something I do on a recovery or easy day.

Please keep in mind that this is an example and there are many more which you could do. In the future and if there is interest I may post some other examples.

A quick coaching point, teach each movement separately then add them all together into a flow. This can be done in one session but may also take longer.

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