How to Get Everyone Running

Michael Reid will be publishing new articles on every few months and will discuss the science and practice of physical training for Water Polo. Strength, flexibility, Water Polo science, rehab and other areas of interest with respect to the physical development of the Water Polo athlete will be covered.

Regardless of your sport, there are some things that everyone should be able to be. Doesn't need to be at a high level but just like in school you take various subjects like mathematics, geography, language, writing and reading. The same is true for athletic development, all athletes should develop physical literacy in a broad set of skills (e.g. running, jumping, throwing, swimming ...).

This is no different for Water Polo players.

Below is a video of resisted running that I use with the athletes I coach. What I have found is that every one can do it and it also puts every athlete in a pretty good running position with little to no coaching. I have also found that athletes who can't run normally because of knees or other issues have no problem with resisted running.

You can do this for short distances of 10-50m or for time.

So next time you have an athlete who can't run, have them try resisted running.


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