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What is a minor or ordinary foul on the defense?

A minor foul occurs when a defender impedes the ability of the attacker to play offense.

What is the penalty for a minor foul?

The penalty for a minor foul is a free pass from a point at or further from the goal being attacked than the foul occurred. If the foul occurred outside 5 meters, an attacker may pick up the ball and make a direct shot on goal. If the attacker shoots, it must be immediately and in one continuous movement (no faking allowed).

What does a minor foul look like?

Usually, an attacker is on the perimeter and he is attempting to play the ball and his defender is impeding him. Typically, the attacker has possession of the ball and is tackled. There is no foul until the attacker can no longer hold on to the ball.

Can an attacker who is holding the ball draw a minor foul?

The ref will usually not call a foul on a player who has the ball in their hand. A player who is holding the ball is clearly giving the message that they are still trying to make something happened and the
defense will be allowed to prevent the ball from being forwarded.

How do you draw a foul?

In order to call a foul, the ref is looking to see an attacker struggling to play the ball and he is unable
to. The ref needs to see that his defender is close to him but one or both of his hands are down so the ref assumes that the attacker is being held under water. Sometimes your defender will do you the favor of fouling you when you want him to. More often, an attacker must actually be trying to make an offensive move and must release the ball due to contact from a defender.

How do you prevent a foul from being called?

The most clear indicator to the ref that you are playing clean is that he can see both of your hands when pressing. The ref may whistle a foul anyway but that’s part of the game. Remember to be patient and burn the clock or force the error rather than reach over the attacker and try to take the ball. A ref will not give the ball to the defense but he may allow a steal when the attack has not protected the ball or has made an error that causes the ball to land in open water.

How often are minor fouls called?

There may be dozens of minor fouls in a game. Usually, the defense avoids making minor fouls, however they will deliberately foul to look to switch or cover a greater threat. An attacker with the ball will often attempt to draw a foul whenever they are under pressure because it stops the shot clock and allows them the freedom to act unimpeded.