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What is a direct shot?

When an ordinary foul is called against the defense outside the five meter line, the attacker may pick up the ball and, in one motion, make a shot on the cage.

When is a direct shot most effective?

Who can attempt a direct shot?

Every player should work on this skill. Any player on the team may attempt this during a game but it is better for the game if players only shoot when they have a good chance of scoring (i.e. position, angle and clear shooting lane). Remember that if the foul occurs inside of the five meter line, a shot will result in a turnover even if it goes into the goal.

How do you make a direct shot?

There are several elements to this. The first is creating or anticipating the situation. For example, you may have the ball but be at an awkward angle. Move with the ball and try to create a good shooting angle and set up the shot as much as possible before drawing the foul. Be aware of the position of the goalie, your center and at least one other possible release pass. After you are awarded the foul, make an effort to be sure your legs are under you before you come up for the shot. As you retrieve the ball and come up for the shot, read the situation. If the shot isn’t there, just pass the ball. It is also helpful to scout the goalie on this. When other players suffer the outside foul, is the goalie expecting a shot? If he is not focused on this possibility, the chance making a goal from that shot is much improved. Once you retrieve the ball, you must start your shot.

When should you not attempt a direct shot?

There are many circumstances that another pass is a better play than a shot. Here are a few examples: the hole set is open, the shooter has a poor angle, the shooter is too far away for an accurate shot, the shooter’s legs aren’t in proper position to shoot, the shooter fumbles the ball, the shooter fakes or makes any pumping motion before attempting the shot, the field blocker and/or goalie are in good shot blocking position. In short, everyone must have this skill but be judicious in it’s application.

How do you defend against the direct shot?

The primary strategy is to avoid making the outside foul. Once the foul has been made, either move
back, put your arm straight up (not forward) to block the shot, or drop back to prevent the hole set
pass. This is a coordinated defensive effort because a strong goalie might prefer to take the outside
shot or a strong 2M defender might take away the entry pass or shot at center.