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What is a lob shot?

The lob shot is not a power shot. It is a high arching throw into the cage.

When is a lob shot most effective?

Who can make a lob shot?

Every player should work on this skill. Any player on the team may attempt this during a game but it must be one of many shots in your toolkit. A goalie who expects a lob will cheat off to the side to make it more possible for him to intercept it.

How do you make a lob shot?

To set up the lob, the shooter must be in a position that the goalie will move completely to the near side of the cage to cut off your angle. Once the goalie has created an opening in the rear corner, the opportunity is created. Throw the ball in a high arch that goes over all the defenders and into the goal. The more acute the angle of the ball dropping into the cage, the more difficult it is to block. To be more effective, the lob shot may be sold as a power shot by offering up a good fake towards the near side of the cage.

When should you not use a lob shot?

There are many circumstances that another pass is a better play than a shot. Here are a few examples: the goalie is in the middle of the cage, six on five situation, there is another player in better position to score. In short, everyone may have this skill but be judicious in it’s application.

How do you defend against the lob shots?

The main drawback of the lob shot is that the speed is such that it is sometimes possible to predict it’s path. The only ways to defend against it are to anticipate the shot and intercept it near the goal or block the arm of the shooter. A lob shot is easily foiled by interference with the shooters arm as it is not a power shot.