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What is offense?

Generally speaking, offense is a strategy for getting the ball down field and into your opponents net.

Who plays offense in water polo?

Every single player including the goalie. Players that fail to actively take part in the offense expose their team to defensive pressure as the defense will leave a player that is not a threat in order to help their teammates. General strategy is usually determined by the coach and players often have set positions. Scoring is the obvious primary objective. What are the most important aspects of offense?

How is the goalie involved in offense?

The goalie sees the entire field, reads the developing game situation and starts the offense. Many< coaches have any balls blocked, stolen or retrieved in the back court passed to the goalie to initiate offense. Field players must get into the front court as soon as possible.

How do you play “in the red”?

When the shot clock is expiring and there is no shot opportunity, “dump” the ball by throwing it where the
other team will have to swim to retrieve it. Often this kills their counterattack.

Are there any other items to be aware of on offense?

Absolutely! As soon as your team loses possession, you become a defender. A smart attacker is careful
to anticipate the turnover just as a smart defender is looking to beat the man he is guarding.