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What does it mean to shoot off the pass?

An attacker receives the ball and in one motion shoots the ball into the goal.

When is shooting off the pass most effective?

Who can shoot off the pass?

Every player should work on this skill. Any player on the team may attempt this during a game but it is better for the game if players only shoot when they have a good chance of scoring.

How do you shoot off the pass?

There are several elements to this. The first is creating or anticipating the situation. For example, on the counterattack, the attacker with the ball may swim to the right side of the cage. An attacker without the ball who has beaten his defender may swim to the left side of the cage and call for the ball. He gets his legs under him to prepare to receive the pass. When the ball comes, he reaches up to catch and shoot the ball in one motion. The goalie will have been fixed on the other attacker so there should be a good shot available.

When should you not shoot off the pass?

There are many circumstances that another pass is a better play than a shot. Here are a few examples: the shooter has a poor angle, the shooter is too far away for an accurate shot, the shooter’s legs aren’t in proper position to shoot, the shooter fumbles the ball, there is another player in better position to score. In short, everyone must have this skill but be judicious in it’s application.

How do you defend the shot off the pass?

The primary strategy is to avoid allowing the attacker to get into a position where he is alone and in a good position to score a goal. If there is an open attacker in the field, his defender must cover him or call out to the team to try to get him covered. If proximity allows, the defender - and all the defenders within range - must put up one arm and attempt to make a field block, or to interfere with the shooter’s arm to stop the shot.