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What is a two meter shot?

A two meter shot is taken by the center attacker who has done his best to situate himself two meters
in front of the center of the goal. The center attacker, or hole set, may take different types of shots
and anyone may play hole set. This describes a shot from a certain position.

How is the 2 meter shot set up?

The hole set must first establish position. Usually it requires moving around and sealing his defender
behind him so that the hole set has some safe water within which to receive the pass. The field
then must move the ball around to an attacker who is able to make a good entry pass into the safe
water created by the center. Only then is it possible for a successful hole set shot to be made.

How do you make the shot from the hole?

Although there are several types of two meter shots, they all have certain things in common. The
shooter has sealed his defender and secured a safe place for the ball to land. He creates separation
with a step out. A step out is an explosive movement towards the ball leading with your strong
side leg, engaging your core to powerfully move you towards the ball while rotating your body.

How do you make a backhand shot?

Reach forward and place your hand on top of the ball, tip your thumb down to the inside, cup the
ball between your forearm and hand. Lead with your elbow as you throw the ball behind you. Be
sure to keep your arm out of the water. For a power backhand, explosively step out, pick up the
ball, keep your arm straight and rotate your entire body to make the shot.

How do you make a sweep shot?

Explosively step out with your hip and shoulder simultaneously to create separation from your
defender. Pick up the ball underneath as your arm extends away from your body. Keep your arm
extended and parallel to the water. Rotate your entire body to create power as you turn and shoot.

How do you make a layout shot?

Again step out and pick up the ball, as your roll to your back and turn to face the cage, make a big
breaststroke kick to create separation. Aim, optionally fake and shoot.

Should the hole set always take the shot?

No! As long as there is time on the shot clock, his first responsibility is to protect the possession
until a good shot can be made. If the situation doesn’t allow a good shot, the two meter player may
attempt to draw an exclusionary or ordinary foul to earn a free pass to create a higher percentage
shot. He may also just dish the ball out to a perimeter player for a shot attempt or re-set of the ball.