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What is a wet pass?

A wet pass is a pass that lands in the water within easy playing position of the receiver.

When is a wet pass most effective?

How do you make a wet pass to the hole set?

The entry pass to the 2-meter player is one of the most important skills in water polo. A good
entry pass can make a difference between a goal and a turnover. The passer must be aware
of the 2-meter player’s position and readiness to receive a pass. If the hole set is positioned
in such a way that the pass must come in from a different angle, the perimeter must pass the
ball to a good position from which to make the entry pass. The pass must be arm’s length
away from the hole set and within 45 degrees or so of his center. e.g. if the hole set spreads
his arms, the pass must come within that area. A pass that is not playable will be stolen.

How do you make wet pass to a perimeter player?

A wet pass to a perimeter player must be in the water behind him. Normally, dry passes are
preferred because they are much more time efficient. Occasionally, one may need to pass
to a player whose guard is a threat to steal. In that case, the pass must be placed where it is
certain to be protected.

When should you not use a wet pass?

With the exception of the entry pass to the center, use dry passes whenever possible. Wet
passes are slower to handle. Speed is important to the offense because the attack wants to
take advantage of the fact that the ball moves very fast in comparison to players in the water.
If the goalie is locked on a player on the right, a dry cross cage pass gives the player on the
left an open goal to shoot on. Additionally, wet passes burn the shot clock. Use judiciously.

How do you defend against the wet pass?

Defense on passes is more a matter of stymie and delay. Forcing wet passes on the perimeter
and harassing the passer and the receiver will slow down the offense will make it harder
for the attack to create scoring opportunities. On the outside, always press without fouling
when the attacker is in shooting range to prevent the 5 meter shot.