Robert Gaughran
California All Sports Clinic

  1. A N T I C I P A T EB E  A L E R T
  1. Keep your eye on the ball at all times; split your vision between the ball and your person you are guarding.
  1. When you are on defense and the ball changes hands, be ready to go on the offensive and vice a versa ; heads-up play will give you the jump on your player.
  1. Play the ball, not your opponent.
  1. Try for any loose balls with in reason.
  1. When guarding your opponent,  always attempt to steal the ball by going under his or her arm – never by reaching over the player’s shoulder.
  1. When guarding an opponent near your own goal, play between the player and the goal; when guarding an opponent in the 2-meter position, play in front of the player; when guarding an opponent in the middle of the pool, play beside the player.
  1. When your opponent tries to pass:
    1. play between the player and the probable target;
    2. attempt to get the player in a perpendicular position;
    3. grab for the person’s throwing arm as soon as the person turns to throw;
    4. if a person turns to throw with the right arm, grab the arm with your left hand.
  1. Whenever shooting at the goal (except when executing a wet shot):
    1. gets your legs under you and leg-up;
    2. get as far up out of the water as possible;
    3. shoot with your entire body not with just the arm;
    4. follow through on any and every shot.
  1. When in doubt, SHOOT  (unless facing our goal)!

(For the most part I tried to keep the content of Robert Gaughran’s original hand-out "Water Polo Commandments " intact; however, I did take a few liberties with the original work. I updated the sentences to include both genders. Robert said essentially that I could do with his hand-outs what I pleased, and hopefully, what I did would please him.