Robert Gaughran
California All Sports Clinic

1. Advance ball according to your offensive system of play.

2. Always keep in mind the basic offensive moves - "Pass and Break".

3. When on the offensive, always look for the "Free Person" and hit him or her with the pass; if you are in the clear, yell to your teammates so they can get the ball to you.

4. Keep passes dry whenever possible.

5. Let the guard commit him or herself before you make your move.

6. On a pass thrown to you, move toward the ball, keep it dry, and then roll quickly to >pass or shoot.

7. Most shots should be within 2-8 yards of the goal. (Be sure you have a good shooting angle.)

8. Throw good hard shots - eliminate "skip shots".

9. Get in the habit of shooting for the corners of the cage.

10. Don't form a "pattern" by shooting the same shots all the time; keep your person "off guard " by using a variety of shots (some quick, some delayed).

11. Attack the goalie when he or she is in possession of the ball after blocking a shot only when you are within 2 yards of him.

12. Pressure your person on defense. Pick up a person immediately after a shot or goal.

13 When you're on defense and your person breaks down on offense, you must go with him or her.

14. Try to keep the defensive person behind you when you're in the 4 yard area or if he or she is in front of you, force him or her out as far as possible and to one side.

15. When in doubt, shoot (unless facing your own goal).

16. When executing the scoop-and-bat shot, the most important thing is not where the goalie is, but to be sure that you hit the ball squarely, so keep your eye on the

17. If goalie rushes you, aim shot under his or her arm pit.

18. Always rise as high as possible out of the water when receiving, passing and especially when shooting. Non-shooting hand should be sculling for balance and added power.

19. On a close in "set" shot situation when not rushed, aim for a spot near goalie's ear.

20. When in possession of ball and trapped by hard pressing guard, attempt to get perpendicular shoulder position on him or her so that you can protect bail at same tine and look for a receiver.

(For the most part I tried to keep the content of Robert Gaughran’s original hand-out "Offensive Perls " intact; however, I did take a few liberties with the original work. I updated the sentences to include both genders. Robert said essentially that I could do with his hand-outs what I pleased, and hopefully, what I did would please him. .- Doc)