Robert Gaughran
California All Sports Clinic

1. Play your position by always following the ball and being approximately one yard in front of the cage.

2. Keep your hands on the surface with elbows up.

3. On goal throws, or after intercepting a shot, always try to make the pass to a "free" man near the center line. (But do not make this an obvious pattern).

4. On corner throws, be alert to a quick pass back to the player taking the throw who is then eligible to shoot.

5. Keep your eye on the ball at all times: never turn your head. Watch the opponent's hands, head or shoulder - he may telegraph his shots.

6. When attempting to block a "lob" shot, reach for ball with arm closest to shooter, supporting self with opposite arm in the water.

7. If you're under attack when you are in possession of the ball and you can't pass off, then throw the ball out in the middle of the pool, throw it out of the pool, or hold it under the water for a technical foul.

8. As a man breaks toward the goal, the goalie should move out toward him.(Don't foul by pushing off the wall).

9. The goalie is usually in the best position to follow the play, and should yell out "blue ball" or "white ball" every time the ball changes teams.

10. Never attempt to retrieve a "loose ball" in the near vicinity (inside the 4 yard line) of the cage unless you are absolutely sure you can get it before an opponent.

11. Goalie should get in the habit of calling switches since he is in the best position to see the field of play.

12. Be alert to possible coach's signal to call a "time out" which can only be taken when goalie has possession of the ball.

(For the most part I tried to keep the content of Robert Gaughran’s original hand-out "Goalie Gems" intact; however, I did take a few liberties with the original work. I updated the sentences to include both genders. Robert said essentially that I could do with his hand-outs what I pleased, and hopefully, what I did would please him. .- Doc)