Robert Gaughran
California All Sports Clinic

1. Keep your eye on the ball at all times; split your vision between your person and the ball.

2. Play the ball - not the person.

3. Always hustle loose balls (within reason).

4. Let the forward commit him or herself before you move. (Grab his or her other arm as he or she shoots).

5. Hit your person at the elbow when he or she attempts a "backhand shot"; always go for the arm, elbow, or ball when your person is shooting.

6. When guarding a person, always attempt to steal the ball by going under his or her arm; never go over his or her shoulder. (Roll under his or her arms and flip the ball out with your finger tips).

7. When your person is attempting to pass, play between him or her and the probable target, and grab for his or her throwing arm as he or she turns to throw.

8. Try to play in front of your person when he or she is within the four yard area.

9. When guarding a person in the middle of the tank, always stay side by side of that person and attempt to anticipate where the ball is going next.

10. When in doubt, stay between your person and the goal on defense, always pressuring the person.

11. Attempt to work your person away from the center of the pool toward the side.

12. Keep your person in the vertical position whenever possible.

13. Eliminate all unnecessary back-hand passes (very dangerous type of pass).

14. Observe your opponent's habits or weaknesses and use any knowledge gained to an advantage.

15. When playing a zone defense, everyone must always keep at least one hand up in the air to discourage the opponent from shooting.

16. Make every attempt to force all play to the outside when the ball is near the goal.

17. Fast breaking team should play loose ("cheating") on the weak side (non-ball side). and anticipate the next breaking opportunity.

(For the most part I tried to keep the content of Robert Gaughran’s original hand-out "Defensive Jewels " intact; however, I did take a few liberties with the original work. I updated the sentences to include both genders. Robert said essentially that I could do with his hand-outs what I pleased, and hopefully, what I did would please him. .- Doc)