Interview with Ashleigh Johnson

Sandy Vessey-Schneider
Water Polo Planet


Where did you grow up? Miami, Florida

What clubs did you play for?  Gulliver Riptides, Raider waterpolo

What High School and College did you go to and when?  Ransom Everglades (Highschool 2008-12) Princeton University (2012-)

What years did you play on the National/ Olympic Teams (if applicable)?  Senior national team 2013,14

  1. What drills do feel are the best for the following: Wa). Lateral movement, (b). Leg strength, (c). Reaction time? Questions were not answered.  

  2. A two on one counter attack is coming your way, how do you communicate with your defense?   I don’t do anything special, just try to identify which attacker Is less confident and put them in a position to make more offensive decisions

  3. What 6 on 5 defense do you prefer to work with and why? I like normal defense man down because it requires the offense to shot through so many arms and be really skillful

  4. How do you communicate with your 2m defense? I communicate with 2m defense by calling out the positions that the ball goes to

  5. How do handle “one on goalies”?  I just try my best to block whoever is countering

  6. What advise can you give a high school goalie?  I would say that practicing with the most skillful shooters is the way to get better

  7. What skills, talent, and physical traits do you think are important to become a top notch goalie?   Good reaction time, concentration and strength

  8. What was your favorite game, and what made it so special? I don’t have a favorite game

  9. How has the game changed for goalies since you played? It hasn’t really changed