Water Polo Drill #1: "In the Well" by Coach Jeff Ehrlich, US Air Force Academy

You start with a sprint – The loser of the sprint goes directly to the ejection area and his/her team is down a man.  Make it – Take it and you keep score.  The offensive player who misses the shot, makes a bad pass, or has the ball stolen is out and needs to sprint to his ejection area.  Ejected man enters and defense counters hard with the intent to score.  If they score the counter goal they get 2 points and get to set up the 6 on 5. Offensive player who misses a shot, makes a bad pass or has the ball stolen is out and sprints to the ejection area.  Ejected man enters and defense counters hard to score and get 2 points.   You can play for a specific period of time ex:  20:00 running time..  All substitutes are in line in the ejection area.  Every counter is a FREEBIE and they get to set up 6 on 5 whether they score or not.

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Water Polo Drill #2: "The Triangle Alley Shot" by Co-Coach Alan Cima, UC Sata Cruz

My favorite drill is three field players spaced at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. The distance between them can be from about two meters to six meters.  The first player is positioned facing the second player, holding their hands out in front of them forming an inverted V inclined slightly up with the hands about twelve inches above the water. The third player starts with the ball and waits until the second player has established a stable vertical stance and then passes them the ball.  The second player receives the ball and shoots the ball as hard as they can so that it skips off the water just in front of and then in to the the first players hands. The drill then cycles progressively around the three players.

I like this drill because:
Some one will probably point out that I must have seen Buchser run this drill in 1970, but I first remember seeing it done by the Italian Women's Senior Team in 2003.

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The medal pictured above is the last solid gold Olympic medal which was given out at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics in Sweden

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