Water Polo Drill #19: "Add-a-Man" by Coach Craig Rond, Cal Lutheran University

love running a drill called "ADD-A-MAN".  One team starts with one player and the ball.  That player sprints down the pool and takes a '1 on nobody shot' on the opponents goalkeeper.  As the shot is in progress, the opposing team sends two players that are on the 5m line on a counter attack against the single player who just shot.  This will create a 2 on 1 player advantage for the shooting team.  Once they take their shot, the opponent sends two more players into a counter attack which creates a 3 on 2 opportunity.  The process continues until both teams are at full strength and able to get a full strength counter attack. 

The drill is excellent for working on counter attack options and fundamentals as well as the occassional 3 on 2 or 4 on 3 opportunities that present themselves in actual games.  It is also a great drill to work on conditioning.

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Water Polo Drill #20: "Passing to Hole Set" by Coach Wolf Wigo, UC Santa Barbara


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