Water Polo Drill #25: "Goalies Mettle to the Pedal" by Coach Matt Anderson, University of Michigan

Start goalies in the goal. For some goalies this is going to place the goalies "mettle" to the "pedal", especially those who can do it over ten times in a row (Pun intended).

  1. Hold 5kg med ball above head for 30sec
  2. Sprint 5m out and back
  3. High corner lunges touching caps in corners of goals for 30sec.
    Coach records number of lunges
  4. Repeat a minimum of two time.

A little variety to a drill all goalies have done before. Once you have a base time you can add a total time in which the goalies have to complete the whole drill.

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Water Polo Drill #26: "The Blob"by Coach Pat Beemer, Wagner College

The blob is an effective counter attack drill that works players into transition opportunities with a man advantage and with even players.  For the drill, two full teams of players need to be capped up and on opposing end lines.  The Blob starts with one player (blue team) going coast to coast on a 1 verses 0 counter.  Once he/she shoots, the first person on the white team takes off from the end line and is defended by the player who just shot in a 1 verses 1 counter scenario.  Once a shot is taken on the other end, a second player from the blue team transitions back for a 2 verses 1.  Lather, rinse and repeat until there's a full 6 verses 6 counter.

The drill is an effective tool for conditioning as well as honing the counter attack.  Since half of the drill is a counter versus an even number of opponents, it requires players to create their own space in transition.  Alternate which side begins the drill so each team faces player advantage and even/no advantage situations.

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The medal pictured above is the last solid gold Olympic medal which was given out at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics in Sweden

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