Overview of Water Polo in the USA: Part 2

Ivan Vranjes
Nationsl Water Polo League


ODP should to develop players through training. This training needs to be standardized so each player gets the same kind of training. Furthermore, there needs to be a standardized set of skills that players need to master before they move to the next level. Skills should be broken down into each age group. These skills must be performed daily in their respective clubs. Coaches have to be trained to design workouts according to these skills. In my opinion there should be more focus on training coaches than training players. With trained coaches will have all these necessary skills to train on a daily basis in their clubs.

List of technical-tactical elements which have to be mastered and perfected* while practicing at age groups.

1. Water polo school (8-9 years old):

2. Age group (10 & under)

3. Age group (12 & under)

4. Age group (14 & under)

5. 16 & under

6. 18 & under

All the workouts have to be designed according to these elements.

To be continued ...