Water Polo Planet Message Board Manners

  1. Names and criticisms of minors on the Water Polo Planet message board are not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  1. Profanity and/or obscene language on the Water Polo Planet message board are not allowed and will not be tolerated. If you are not sure of how profane and/or obscene language is defined then listen to George Carlin’s monologue on “Seven dirty words not allowed on Television” as a start.
  1. If you are going to use names in a post, the first name you should use is your own.
  1. Constructive criticism is much better than destructive criticism.
  1. Humor and satire are enjoyed, sarcasm is tolerated, and helpful information is sincerely welcomed.
  1. Learn to be concise and get to the point.  No one wants to read a war and peace novel each time a point is being made.  Write to the point.
  1. A series of run on sentences or one long paragraph is not only hard to read but also very difficult to understand.
  1. Using quotes in a post depend upon the way the message board is structured. There are usually two types of structures used. One type is when the posts under a topic are broken up into pages similar to the WPP’s open source message board, and the other is when all the posts under a topic are contiguous similar to the USWP’s proprietary message board.

    On the message board in which pages are used you do not need to quote an entire post only the name used and enough of the post to identify it because it is very easy to find the post on the page and re-read it if necessary. Remember unnecessary quotes waste storage on the disk of a rented server. You know what they say about disks on any computer - it is similar to a closet because there is never enough room for all your stuff. Moreover, there is never enough money to pay for all the disk storage needed.
  1. Do not send an anonymous email to someone who manages a web site because it is usually ignored.
  1. When you receive a response to an email query from a person on the web site please acknowledge the response.

Thank you for your consideration of the above suggestions and for following the two rules stated in bold print when using the Water Polo Planet message board.