A Dozen Reasons Why You Should Register
For the Message Board

1) It is anonymous.
2) It is free.
3) It is easy to do.
4) It allows you to post with a clever nick name.
5) It allows you to use a swell graphic called an avatar.
6) It allows you to edit your posts.
7) It allows you to delete your post.
8) It shows what topics and threads you havenít read.
9) It allows you to vote on message board polls.
10) It makes it easier to follow a person's discussion on a thread.
11) It will eliminate "Guest" as the name of a gillion posts.
12) It even has a checkbox that when checked will log you on
to the MB automatically each visit to the WPP website!
13) As of January 1, 2006 to post on the WPP Message Board
you must be registered!
(This is a baker's dozen)