Volume 1:  Number 2          May 1, 2008

US National Men's Water Polo Players or Coaches

Each month a playeror coach from a US National Men's Team will give the water polo community some tips on how to play a particular position or a fundamental skill. In turn WPP will post a photograph and concise biography to help the water polo community get to know the players and coaches.

POSTING UP by JW Krumpholz

Posting up from the perimeter or at the end of the counter attack can add versatility to one’s game. You can post up many different ways according to the setup of your defense. One option is to post up off of the counter attack. When posting up off of the counter attack make sure that you do not clog up the offense by posting up at the wrong time. The first step in posting up off the counter attack is to know where the ball is at all times. For a right handed player that means the ball should be, preferably, on the right side of the pool. Once you know where the ball is you can start to setup your post up move. If the player is swimming next to you on the right side of your body then you can either use your left hand to swim over his back or swim ahead of him and cut him off. Either way, that will give you an advantage. You should start this move around four or five meters, when your teammate is in a position to pass you the ball. Hopefully the defensive player is on your back and when the ball is thrown in, you will be able to work for an ejection or a shot.

Posting up off of the perimeter is different than posting up off of the counter attack. The key to posting up from the perimeter is gaining an inside advantage on your defensive player. Gaining an inside advantage is to beat your defensive player by a drive or misdirection move. Getting the defense to give up his position takes a drive or sometimes a pick run by another player on your team. If you are at position two and you teammate runs a 32 pick you swim directly over his back,   most of the time gaining ball side position. Once you have earned ball side position turn and face your teammate who has the ball. You should have gained an advantage by running the pick and can make a move toward the goal. One tip to remember is that you always want to be inside the posts and between two and four meters. Outside of this range posting up can become much more difficult and less productive.

Posting up can be accomplished by not only two meter players, but by any player in the pool. Any player can gain an advantage off of the counter attack, or a front court setup. The main tip is you must know where the ball is at all times before you can make your post up move. Having your head on a swivel can make a big difference in the timing and effectiveness of your post up. You need to know what your strengths are.  If you are a very quick player you can gain advantage by driving ahead of your defense. If you are a very strong player you can muscle your way around your defense and gain position. You have to try both ways to post up and find what works best. Good luck!

JW Krumpholz

INTERNATIONAL/CLUB: Member of 2007 Junior World Championship Team in Long Beach, CA… Played at 2005 World Championships in Montreal, Canada.

COLLEGE: Two-time All-American… First-Team All-NCAA.

HIGH SCHOOL: Three-time All-American and Player of the Year in 2004.

PERSONAL: Parents are Kurt and Debra… Has two sisters, Katy and Kari… Father won two NCAA water polo titles as a player at
UCLA… Lists Michael Jordan as his biggest sports hero… Birthdate is Sept. 22, 1987.


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