Doc's Articles

Doc Richard "Doc" Hunkler, one of the pioneers of Women's and Eastern Water Polo shares his experience and his wisdom in regular articles, editorials and coaching tips for players, coaches, and spectators.

Commentary Articles

09/15/15 Sumo Wrestler or 600 pound Gorilla ...
01/15/15 Ramblings of an Old Water Polo Poop
12/15/14 The NCAA - Nothing from Nothing
12/01/13 Pharaoh Ramsey and a Medinet Habu Like Temple for Water Polo?
08/15/13 Wanted Alive and Gone: Gianni Lonzi
05/15/13 Wanted Alive and Gone: Mike and Chris
04/15/13 Frakenstien Meets Wolfman or Mike Graff Meets the Bylaws
02/15/13 Mission Impossible?
01/15/13 Forget the Foreign Players What About the Califonia Players
08/15/12 Where Have All the Good Referees Gone, Long Time Passing
08/01/12 Support the The Men's and Women's Water Polo Team
03/15/12 Ten Reasons Zone Reps and BOD's Should Have Term Limits
01/15/12 Zone Reps Vote to Do Away with the Board of Directors' Term Limits
12/01/11 Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way
10/15/11 Who's on First and Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
08/15/11 What the Movies Might Say About the USAWP
07/15/11 The USAWP ODP Is Not Screwed Up; It Is Broken!
06/15/11 Advice for a USAWP CEO
05/15/11 Barking Up the Wrong Tree
04/15/11 Be Careful What You Wish For Because You Might Not Get It
04/01/11 An Internet Poll Results Is an Internet Poll Results - Maybe!
03/15/11 Open Letter to NCAA Rules Committee - Help!
01/15/11 Water Polo Suggestions for the 2011 New Year
12/15/10 All I Want for Christmas Is ...
11/15/10 Is Parity for Men's Collegiate Teams a Pipe Dream - Redux?
10/15/10 Non-California Master's Teams Gets Hosed by the USAWP CEO
06/15/10 Coaches as Unhappy Campers Slide Show 4 with Allen Lorentzen
05/15/10 Some Loose Ends
04/15/10 The Winners and Losers of the UC Davis Water Polo Affair
03/15/10 Seven Deadly Sins Leaders of Sport Federations Should Avoid Redux
02/15/10 Could This Be the USAWP on the Current CEO's Watch?
01/15/10 With a Song in My Heart and Water Polo in My Mind
12/15/09 USAWP CEO Is Still in Town
11/15/09 A List of Ten Reasons the CEO Has to Go
10/15/09 Do Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
10/01/09 More Questions for the USAWP CEO Chris Ramsey
09/15/09 Chris Ramsey the Honeymoon for Being the USAWP CEO Is Over!
03/15/09 Like Nick and Nora Are We Searching for Fluffy?
01/15/09 The Saint Francis Water Polo Team Is No Saint But Neither is the CWPA
01/01/09 Coaches as Unhappy Campers Slide Show 3 with Joan Gould
12/15/08 The Day of the Men's Olympic Gold Medal Game
11/15/08 Hey Pogo Why Is There Blood on the Water?
10/01/08 Guy Baker, Director of Olympic Development, Interview with Joan Gould
09/15/08 In the Olympics: Women’s Games, Men’s Games, and Panda Bears, OH MY!
08/15/08 Throw the Bums Out or Why Do We Yell at Referee Calls?
06/15/08 Coaches as Unhappy Campers Slide Show 2 with Joan Gould
05/15/08 NCAA Championship: Three for the Price of One
02/15/08 Déjà Vu or Trail of Tears Revisited
01/15/08 Resolutions I Wish Others in Water Polo Would Make!
12/15/07 Is Parity for Men's Collegiate Teams a Pipe Dream?
09/15/07 Rome Wasn't Built in a Day & Something Is NOT Just Rotten in Denmark
07/15/07 We Need More Women Athetic Directors
05/15/07 Coaches as Unhappy Campers Slide Show with Joan Gould
12/01/06 Are Sports Training Players to Be WorldCom or Enron Executives?
09/15/06 That Is What Water Polo Is All About!
09/01/06 In the CWPA Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?
09/01/06 Interview of Board of Directors Chairman, Michael Graff with Joan Gould
05/01/06 Their Time Has Come!
03/01/06 Questions for the US Women's National Coach with J Gould & R Thompson
02/14/06 Wait Until It Happens To You!
01/01/06 New Bylaws Say Bye-Bye to the USWP as We Know It!
01/01/06 Questions for New US Men's National Coach with Joan Gould
12/15/05 Rally Around the Flag
09/01/05 Well Excuse Me!
04/15/05 Doc's Pull No Punches Interview of Rich Foster, USWP President!
03/15/05 Seven Deadly Sins Leaders of Sport Federations Should Avoid!
02/25/05 Open Letter To CWPA Board
02/14/05 The USWP Provides Us With Yet Another Object Lesson?
12/08/04 What Does Doc Want for His New Year Resolution?
12/01/04   Has US Mens Water Polo Dropped the Ball?

Polo Articles

12/15/11 Observation from the Cheap Seats
11/15/11 Should We Blow the Whistle on the USAWPRA?
09/15/10 You Heard of Texas Hold 'Em, This Is Women's Water Polo Hold 'Em
05/15/09 Master Player's Check List
04/15/09 Can We Have a Fair Water Polo Tryout?
02/15/09 Some Visual History of Water Polo
05/01/08 Recollections on My Last Games in My Last Tournament from the Stands
03/15/08 Running the Score May Be Running Teams Out of Water Polo
10/01/06 The All Token Team - I Mean the All Tournament Team
06/01/06 Recruiter or Recruitee?
04/01/06 Water Polo Is the Chess of Sport
01/01/06 Water Polo Glossary with Robert Gaughran
12/01/05 Coaching Special Situations with Robert Gaughran
10/15/05 Advantage Rules!
09/15/05 Git-R-Done!
08/01/05 Two Meter Players Don't Get Mad They Get Even!
07/01/05 Steely-eyed, Shifty, 6 on 5 Defense!
06/15/05 The Missing Three-Quarters
06/01/05 Play Together, Stay Together, and Succeed Together!
05/15/05 Take Your Pick
05/01/05 When Choosing a Water Polo Coach You Should Be Gender Blind!
04/01/05 Inside Inside Water!
03/01/05 The Mathematics Of 6 On 5 Offenses.
02/08/05 What's In Your Head?
02/01/05 To Drop, or Not To Drop: That Is The Question
01/07/05 Pointers for Practicing in a Physically Challenged Pool
01/01/05 Person to Person Defense Is Not Always Person to Person!
10/29/04 Where Have all the Individual Skills Gone?
08/29/04 Goals for Goalies
07/29/04 Be Hip on Defending the Driver
05/31/04 The Three "W"'s of Offensive Driving
04/30/04   Mastering Some Mental Aspects of Water Polo

Rule Articles

09/15/14 You Got to Be Kidding-Help!
07/01/14 Game of Grabs and Fakes
07/15/13 The Free Throw Is No Longer Free
02/01/12 Reminiscing About Rules From the Cheap Seats with Dante Dettamanti
09/15/11 Are Draws by FINA a Smoke and Mirrors Show?
08/15/11 Remember the Alamo ... Remember the Way Water Polo Was Played
08/15/10 Ten Reasons Why People Don't Watch Water Polo
09/15/09 If the Rules Ain't Broke Don't Fix Them; But What If They Are Really Broke
10/15/07 The Current Advantage Rule or Calculus Are NOT for the Masses
06/15/07 NCAA Rules Rule - NOT!
02/15/07 Does FINA's TWPC Need Some Happy Feet?
01/01/07 Are the New FINA Rules a Success?
11/15/05 Referees Go Play God in Some Other Sport!
11/01/05 The Interpreters
08/14/05 New Rules Won't Work Unless Referees Are Allowed To Work!
11/15/04 Oh, What a Beautiful Refeered Game - Oh, What a Beautiful Game!
09/29/04 What's Up Doc - What Changes to the Game Would You Make?
09/01/04 Viewing FINA Rules Through the Olympic Looking Glass
06/30/04   Have FINA Rules Hurt College Water Polo?

Stuff for MB

12/01/05 A Dozen Reasons Why You Should Register for the Messag Board
11/01/05   Water Polo Planet Message Board Manners

Travels with Doc Articles

11/15/07 Travels with Doc - Ad Infinitum + 2
08/15/07 Travels with Doc - Ad Infinitum + 1
05/15/07 Water Polo Travels with Doc - Ad Infinitum
11/01/06 Why More Water Polo Travels wit Doc?
08/01/06 Still More Water Polo Travels With Doc
10/01/05 More Water Polo Travels With Doc
04/01/05   Water Polo Travels with Doc?