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Two Shooters, One Shot Drill for Water Polo Goalies

Goalkeeping Tips by The Water Polo Goalie – Two Shooters, One Shot Drill (VIDEO)

I like drills that are a little chaotic. It is more game like. It makes the drill tougher and forces a water polo goalie to think and react quicker.

This drill which I call Two Shooters, One Shot forces the goalie to make quick reads on where the shot is coming from and then readjusting quickly if the initial read was wrong. The drill also works on tracking the shot while being distracted by multiple stimuli.

The Set-up

Water Polo Goalie Shooting Drill

Two shooters set-up next to each other about 6-7 meters in front of the goal.

Both shooters have a ball.

Both shooters will start with the ball in the same shooting position. Preferably in the water in front of them with their hands on the ball ready to pick up and shoot.

There is a person behind the goal with a whistle so the goalie can not see them.

The Drill

  • The person behind the goal will indicate to the shooters which one is actually shooting the ball.
  • Then the person will raise their hand like a penalty shot and blow their whistle. This gets both shooters on the same timing.
  • The fake shooter will go through their full shooting motion but will slam the ball down in front of them.
  • The actual shooter will go through with their shot.
  • The shooter will shoot to their respective side. Not cross cage. This way if the goalie reacts to the wrong shooter and side they are not rewarded with a block.

The goalies in the video above were wearing weight belts to make the drill more challenging. Weight belts are an addition but not a requirement for the drill. Weight belts should only be added for those physically able to do so.