Joan's Articles

Joan GouldJoan has seen and photographed more water polo games than most coaches have coached. Her keen observation and candid talk about water polo has made her articles not only welcomed but also needed if is to remain the Alternative Voice for water polo

Interview of Board of Directors Chairman, Michael Graff with Doc Hunkler
Questions for the US Women's National Coach with R Hunkler & R Thompson
Questions for New US Men's National Coach with Doc Hunkler
Water Polo Scholar-Athlete Creates Computerized Water Polo Scoring Software
Play It Again Sham: NCAA Doublespeak and Hypocrisy in Water Polo
Interview with the USAWP CEO, Chris Ramsey
A League of Their Own: Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference
A League of Their Own: California Dreamin' - SCIAC
A League of Their Own: Northern Lights - CWPA: Part 1 0f 3
A League of Their Own: Westward Ho - CWPA: Part 2 of 3
Duel in the Pool - Coaches' Camp and Water Polo Tournament
A League of Their Own: Southern Hospitality - CWPA: Part 3 of 3
A League of Their Own: The Real West - WWPA
A League of Their Own: The Best Never Rest - MPSF
Water Polo Community Unites to Just Say NO
Water Polo Training Gets a Boost with On Line Multimedia Training
Child Photograpers in Sports: Art, Expression, or Child Abuse
Europeans in NCAA Water Polo: Pride or Punishment? Interview with Ed Asajavicius
The Triumph of Champions: Dragan Jovanovic and Team Canada
"America Water Polo Hero"
Some thoughts on a Professional Water Polo League in the USA
The People and Mission of WPP
The Dawning of the Age of Champions
Are We Architects of Our Own Demise?
Christmas Gifts for the Water Polo Players on Your Shopping List
The Future's So Bright... I Have to Wear Shades
Nurturing Water Polo Through Tough Times: The WPP Challenge
Shouldn't the CWPA Be Like Caesar's Wife - Above Suspicion
Where Have All the Heroes Gone
What I Did on My Summer Vacation or Machiavelli Goes to Rome
Interview of the Sport Development Director, Scott Tanner
Interview of the Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Rottenberg
The Future of Water Polo: Haba Waba - the European Entry to Youth Development
Building a Professional Water Polo League in the USA: Part 1
Building a Professional Water Polo League in the USA: Part 2
Building a Professional Water Polo League in the US: Part 4
Interview with LBSU Recruit Dan Matulis
Interview with LBSU Coach Gavin Arroyo
FOUND: A Donor For Your NCAA or High School Water Polo Program
More Gifts for Water Polo Players
Inerview with Brian Dudley Cal 2010 Water Polo Captain
New Rules, And If Necessary, A New Sport: Interview with Faragó Tamás
Interview with Ricardo Azevedo Rari Nantes Camogli Technical Director
Interview with Chris Goodwin, Owner of Aquanite Software
Tamás Faragó: "Water polo deserves one more chance"
Masters Water Polo in the USA: Backbone of Water Polo
Water Polo in the 21st Century: Have we Met the Conditions for Extinction - Part 1?
Water Polo in the 21st Century: Adding some Chlorine to the Gene Pool - Part 2
Split Second Decisions: Part 1
Interview with Jerry Breen the Ceo and Founder of ProAnox Performance Supplement
Time for a Rules Change?: The Public Response
Warning: Reaching for the Olympic Dream May Be Hazardous to Your Health
Interview with Ricardo Azevedo: Its Time to Trash the Cookie Cutter
A Joke Is a Very Serious Thing
Interview with Winter in thr Tropics Camp Directors John Abdou and Genai Kerr
Interview with Ricardo Azevedo: Next Stop, CHINA!
Those Charged with a NCAA Violation Step Forward - Not So Fast Water Polo Planet!
A Warm Welcome to Kazakhstan: Preview of 2012 World League Superfinal Venue
A Stroll by the Scuttlebutt
Unfair Competitive Conditions in the CWPA?
Professionalism & Marketing Excellence in Kazakhstan
IOC President Jacques Rogge Dons Facebook Police Cap
Water Polo Coaching and Playing Resources
Interview with Boyd Lachance Head Coach of Jesuit High School and Lamorinda
A League of Their Own: Northern Lights - CWPA Part 1
A League of Their Own: Westward Ho! - CWPA Part 2