John Abdou and Balazs Vincze join WWPCA Board of Directors

World Water Polo Coaches Assosiation announced promotion of two additional members of the Board of Directors. John Abdou and Balazs Vincze joined WWPCA in its efforts to promote the sport of Water Polo while leading and elevating the profession of water polo coaches around the world.

Drgan Jovanovic, the Executive Director of WWPCA said:

“It’s an honour to have Balazs and John join WWPCA and strengthen our board. Both of them have been involved for decades, very successfully, in our sport on the highest possible level and  are bringing different skill set from different parts of the world which is out mandate and vision. We are very happy to have them join us and looking forward to their expertise in the future. Their knowledge and experience will be a huge asset for out association and all coaches around the world. We are getting stronger each day… “

John Abdou, who has been serving as High Performance Director with USA Water Polo for the last 3 years, stated:

“It is an honor to be part of an organization with a clear vision that I personally believe in. To advance and professionalize the sport of water polo worldwide. I must thank the founding members for including me, and also for taking on the vital task of organizing and leading this movement”

Balazs Vincze, 3 time Olymian and current coach of LEN Champions League participant OSC Budapest added:

“It is a great honour and pleasure to be a member of this great association of coaches that is needed for a long time. One of the biggest values of this organization is that it spreads the knowledge to coaches all over the world. This way it can contribute to the development of water polo in great extent. My intention is to get other countries’ water polo players know about the Hungarian water polo system,  technique and way of thinking.”

Abdou and Vincze enrich already impresive list of Board of Directors with WWPCA that also includes:

Ratko Rudic, Petar Porobic, Alessandro Campagna, Dejan Udovicic, Yiannis Giannouris, Adam Wright, John Vargas, Quim Colet Genesias, Paolo Malara, Karl Izzo, Adel Shamala, Sergey Drozdov, Fabio Conti and Dragan Jovanovic.