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Re: ODP Zone team selections

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:37 pm
by PoloParity
2plyBathingSuit wrote:If you're not already 6'4 or 6'5" by the time you turn 16 (or don't think you'll ever reach such heights)…best hold on to your money. If giving money is your thing then it's probably better to simply give money to USAWP in the form of a charitable contribution than continue to participate in ODP…that is unless you meet the criteria previously stated.

A bit harsh, but probably true. ODP does provide a forum for college coaches to check out players outside of their club and high school teams. At the end, no one is satisfied with the selection process because it is a bad process and, besides height, patronage and politics seem to play a role. It is not that easy to pick talent in a team sport, especially when you have only a few games to go on.

Re: ODP Zone team selections

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:00 pm
by kovets
I bet a family (out of Orange County) will shell out over $1500 for their child to participate in the 2016 Junior Olympics in NorCal this year.

Maybe they will spend $1000 to participate in the SD Cup.

Given that, I really don't think that $500 for a full day of training, a hotel room, a weekend of competing against strong competition, and some motivation to keep working hard is way out of line. Seems like a bargain to me actually.

If USAWP makes some money on ODP, even better.