2018 USWP ODP Regional Championship tournament

USA Water Polo Olympic Development Program
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Re: 2018 USWP ODP Regional Championship tournament

Postby oldtimer » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:46 pm

waterballer wrote:USAWP is not suppose to be a for profit business, it’s a Mon- profit model there to benefit to the kids.

While I understand the point, that isn't entirely correct.

The only real difference between a for-profit and a non-profit entity is where the profits go. For-profit revenues can be distributed to owners. Non-profit revenues cannot be distributed. Non-profits can sell merchandise and services, and can certainly 'profit' from that. The money just has to be spent on its 'purpose' rather than distributed to owners.

"How are the profits spent?" is a reasonable question, but generating revenue from members/events and spending it on infrastructure, salaries, programs, etc. that don't directly benefit those members/events is within the guidelines of operation for non-profits.

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Re: 2018 USWP ODP Regional Championship tournament

Postby WaPoSaD » Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:30 am

LatinThunder wrote: I whole-heartedly agree. We had a great experience, once again. Happy with the entire experience. The only constructive feedback I would give is that there were a couple Youth teams we played against that were so focused on winning that they did not sub out select players. So while one of them did get a medal, I lost some respect for them. This is supposed to be "development" play and all the athletes should get equal time, after all, they were cherry-picked so they should all be good enough to play half the game. It also affects the chemistry of a team. Not to mention, everyone paid the same price to be there.

Secondly, the Tri-Valley venue was intolerably cold once again. Can we do better than requiring the boys to be on deck at 6am in 20 degree weather for a 7am game? Aside from the bitter cold, nobody can see the ball from the steam coming out of the pool, much less the players. I hope there is some consideration for relocating back to Riverside County or somewhere a tad warmer. I would rather go to Arizona.

Just my two cents. But otherwise, very very happy with the entire experience.

Great points, and glad the experience was overall enjoyable. One thought about the (well-articulated) rotation point: I looked at the Youth rosters, and some of the teams had only one center, or only one 2m guy, or both. Ditto for some of the teams in other age groups. So if that’s why a particular player doesn’t get rotated out, I’m okay with that; it wouldn’t be right to make someone at a tryout spend his limited playing time (or energy) playing a position he doesn’t normally/want to play. But, yes, if there are muliple players at a position, in general, everyone should play the same amount.

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Re: 2018 USWP ODP Regional Championship tournament

Postby Dinosaur dad » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:05 pm

Very nicely stated

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Re: 2018 USWP ODP Regional Championship tournament

Postby wplover » Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:04 pm

I also saw one of the top Youth teams not do substitutions on the first day of the tournament. It was noticeably different from the other teams we played, and how our team played. They were clearly playing to win, as we subbed out our "starters" in a close game. The instructions stated equal playing time for 1-3rd quarters, then coaches discretion in the 4th quarter.

Overall I think it was a great experience for my son and the teams had a great sense of community, even though we were from a large area. We all made new friends and have better insight into playing at a higher level.

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