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Re: Boys National Selection Camp

Postby barknbette » Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:31 pm

As for the 'absence' of lots of 95's, maybe there is not quite as much talent in that group as parents want to believe.

Jeepers splashzone - at least try to show some evidence of something besides air in your cranium (skull, head, etc.) or at least get on the same page as everyone else is on. There were plenty other posts that indicated that 95's would be screwed this year before anyone ever headed to the camps. The 95's were also told that they could forget about making the teams when they first showed up at the camps.


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Re: Boys National Selection Camp

Postby othersideofthehill » Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:54 pm

Honestly, yeah making these teams is great, but it all comes down to making it to college and playing. ODP is a great way of getting recognized but is it worth it? Break it down. How many of these kids are going to keep playing at an extremely high level after college? Not that many. Even when they get to college. They all have their dreams of going to the Cals, Stanfords, USCs, and UCLAs. Even if they do go to those schools for water polo. They arent going to play until there Junior year if they are lucky. Listen dont get me wrong, those schools are awesome just for the education, water polo is a bonus. But I have seen tons of kids go to these schools and just hate it because they dont see playing time in college. It isnt as hard though to go to the Long Beaches, Pepperdines, Santa Barbaras and PLAY and have fun. If your kid doesnt make these type of ODP teams it isnt the end of the world. If they are trying out for these teams most likely they are good players worthy of playing at least D3. I have seen kids go to the Long Beaches and what not and succeed in academics and polo and have the time of their life. I have also seen the kids that DO make the ODP teams and go to the USCs and what not and hate it. Because their expectations are too high for themselves and for the school. They dont play until there JR/SR year(if they make it that long) because they are miserable because waterpolo is what they love and they arent getting it fairly there. So, Parents, if your kids dont make these teams, dont trip. They will be fine. as for all the Cali kids making these teams, thtas how its always been thats how it will be for a long time. California is where water polo is, and in California, it might as well be divided into north and south, because the south is on a whole nother level than north. Thats how the way it is...Dont forget the big picture...COLLEGE

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Re: Boys National Selection Camp

Postby Bar-Out » Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:23 pm

This issue with the 95 group is no different than other years. There are multiple reasons for this scenario. Sometimes it is FINA changing the definition of what constitutes the appropriate age group for a Cadet or Youth team. Sometimes the group is selected for a particular event that only includes the born in 94 or born in 96 ages. One positve thing that I can relay to everyone---one year two age groups were brought in to a camp. Only the YOUNGER GROUP was selected because the upcoming international tournament required only this age group. However, later in the year, another international tournament was scheduled and all of the OLDER Group were picked from the camp to play together at this tournament. Bottom line---you got a chance to train with really good players and coaches, and there is an outside chance you could get called later in the year. As others have said, if you love playing waterpolo,don't be discouraged---work hard and be prepared for the next opportunities.

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Re: Boys National Selection Camp

Postby KJE » Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:52 pm

The born 95 issue has been addressed several times on this message board and the information regarding team selection for the summer was also posted on the ODP website for months. The next season will include a born 95 National Team and a born 97 National Team. All athletes will be included regardless of year born or grade - barring they are 12th grade and U no older than born 93. There are no other details to give at this point except that these are born year specific. I will point out, that for whatever reason, there were not very many born 95s overall on the girls side to even choose from. The number was very low compared to the 94s and 96 and Unders.

The new edition of the ODP newsletter comes out in a couple weeks. It will have more information. The May edition addresses the initiatives for 2011-12.

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Re: Boys National Selection Camp

Postby wpwatcher » Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:04 pm

I am confused! How does a 94 make the cadet team? yet a 95 does not?

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Re: Boys National Selection Camp

Postby readnweep » Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:09 pm

I am confused! How does a 94 make the cadet team? yet a 95 does not?

Great question. I can only guess that the 94's can attend but not play in any FINA cadet events. If they do get to play, then much more explaining from the officials is definitely due.

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Re: Boys National Selection Camp

Postby BlueDolphin » Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:54 pm

Have a couple of questions on what happens post National Selection Camp. It was already published that out of 28 (or so) players that went to Boys National Selection Camp 13 have been selected to be on Cadet Travel Roster that will go to play in Puerto Rico and play in the tournament. Questions:

Is there a schedule/plan to get the group of 28 (or so) players who went to National Selection Camp back together to train again before next year's ODP selection camp? It would be great if there is a plan to keep this group together and provide ongoing opportunity to train throughout the year.

What is the plan for Cadet Travel Roster to train together post Puerto Rico tournament and keep them together?

Apologies if this information is already available somewhere. please provide the link if available...

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