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What is Water Polo Academy

Postby Moderator » Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:08 pm

Water Polo Academy is a new on line training program created by the people from Water Polo Planet (and others).

The goal of this system is to provide high quality on line water polo training to players, referees, coaches, parents and spectators from some of the top experts in the world...all from your own home PC and done on your own time.

The website is http://www.waterpoloacdemy.com and December 2007 is its first month of operation.

There are currently have 60 students enrolled in 5 classes. Classes last 5-10 days each and provide instruction via content, diagrams, video, unlimited question and answer sessions, private chat room discussions for students and instructors and peer communication.

Classes are designed by each instructor and built according to best practices of online instructor by Dr Loren Bertocci, a veteran of water polo AND an expert in on line curriculum development.

January classes are being scheduled now and will include

Dr Jim Solum "The Shot Doctor" Part 1 AND 2 of Fundamentals of the Outside Shot: European Shooting method for players
Nikola Malezanov Part 1 and 2 of The Serbian System: Designing a Successful Age Group Development Program
Loren Bertocci: Beginning Referee Instruction, Intermediate Instruction: Minor Fouls and Major Fouls
Dante Dettamante:Coaching Top Teams Part 1
Nikola Malezanov: Analysis of European Water Polo Tactics for High School Players. Students will receive a full length DVD of the Hungary-Croatia gold medal mens game from the World Championships and Coach Malezanov will conduct a training and chat room analysis of the game tactics with students.

We are interested in feedback from all students of these classes and will keep schedule updated here.

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