Polo in the USA

Peter Felvegi

Peter Felvegi - Hungary Water Polo Player

Playing water polo and attending University in the United States is a dream for many International students. This is a difficult task but not impossible if you are willling to spend the time and effort to apply.

1. Obtain a DVD of yourself playing in an ENTIRE WATER POLO GAME. You may include special shots or tactics at the end but the DVD should have a full game. At the beginning, Identify yourself by number with your name, contact information, height weight, swim times, date of birth and teams.

2. Register for and plan to take the USA University Entrance Examination, named the S.A.T. Examination.This test is available in most countries in the world.

3. Register for and take the TOEFL Examination if your home language is NOT English.

4. Email us the information below AND your water polo game DVD and we will contact you with more information. We do not charge for this service. This is completely free.

Ed Asa Javicius

Ed Asajavicius - Lithuania Water Polo Player

Send the following information via email to [email protected]

Date Of Birth:
Right or left handed:
Time for 100 meter Freestyle:
What Team do you play for:
When do you Graduate from High School?:
What teams did you play for and what awards?

Tibor Forai

Tibor Forai - Serbia Water Polo Player