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For more than a decade I have followed the sport of water polo. All three of my sons played high school polo, and my youngest also played club (SET, SoCal), and collegiate polo (UC Davis, 2009-2012). At its best, the sport is a beautiful game to watch. The sport has elements of its land based cousins, hockey, soccer and basketball. In addition, its combination of power, speed, tactics and strategy makes it, in my opinion, a great spectator sport. In 2013, I became the Director of a new program at the University of California Irvine called, the Exercise Medicine and Sports Sciences Initiative (EMSSI; http://emssi.uci.edu). It is a unique multidisciplinary program that promotes scholarly activities and innovative discoveries in all fields associated with movement, including sports medicine and rehabilitation.  The Initiative is dedicated to enhancing human health and wellness through undergraduate and graduate teaching, basic and translational research, development of innovative technologies, service to the community, and clinical activities.
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