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Re: Huntington Beach

Postby JFranpolo » Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:14 pm

2plyBathingSuit wrote:
PoloNHB wrote:It's every season? I am not even following your thought process anymore. Are you saying they should've won it in years in which they didn't have the top team or two from a talent perspective? Interesting theory I guess.

Yea, that's a head-scratcher for sure.

Yep, that was poorly written on my part. My mistake. My point was if the talent level is relatively close--which I believe it has been the last 6 years or so---having the proper mindset / chemistry/ etc. are the catalysts for winning a championship. HB has fallen short in those areas, in my opinion. Is it the culture? the coaching? the chemistry? That's for HB to look in the mirror and figure it out.

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Re: Huntington Beach

Postby SwimCoach » Thu Jul 29, 2021 10:39 pm

McKlintock wrote:I think most would agree that they should have/could have won back in 2016.

Definitely had the talent and should have won it in 2016.

If everything lined up right, they maybe could have had another CIF title along the way, but 2016 was definitely their year.

I also think that they had the talent to win in 2020 as well.

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Re: Huntington Beach

Postby Rbpolo0414 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 2:06 pm

2016 was such a wonky year. I remember it vividly because I watched more polo that year than in any other. Harvard Westlake was the clear number 1 for most of the season, even without Felix Brozyna-Vilim. I can't remember if he played at all that year, or got hurt in the first week of the season. Either way, I believe HW won most of the tournaments that year without him, but they had very little depth. Rosenfeld had to play center that year. They ran out of gas late in the year, losing a league game to Loyola on the last day of the season. I believe Loyola was ranked 6th or 7th in the polls at the time. Because Loyola won league, they had to be ranked above HW, so they got the 1 seed and HW got the 2 seed. HB was 3, and Olu was 4. The HB/HW game was a tough game for both teams, and probably took a lot out of HB. Meanwhile, Olu got a cupcake semi against Loyola, and won fairly easily. I think most people thought HB would win, but Olu surprised them with a press defense, and they never adjusted. Definitely outcoached that game.

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