Question on End of Game Rules

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Question on End of Game Rules

Postby BayBoy » Fri Nov 01, 2019 2:42 pm

One flaw in the game is the ability of the leading team to "spread the floor" to protect even slim leads. A well-executed delay can protect a two goal lead with 1:30 left even in high scoring polo games, whereas the quick foul in basketball induces more uncertainty (and excitement).

I recall from a masters game two years ago a rule involving the array of the defense, and a throwback to the goalie. My memory is hazy. The opponent had just scored. We had the ball and a one goal lead with around thirty seconds remaining. I remember one of my teammates, who played at UCLA (over twenty years ago), saying that if the defense attacked into our side of the pool, we could throw back to the goalie. But if we advanced the ball past half pool, we could not throw back to goalie.

Fast forward two years. I was watching a recent MPSF game, thinking that it would have been more entertaining and sporty to give the one goal loser a better shot at tying the game with 25 seconds left than a blatant turnover by the offense, or a questionable ball under call by the referee. I searched the NCAA rules but could find none addressing "throw back" rules.

Does a rule governing delay tactics exist? Did it ever exist? Specifically, was there ever a rule that effectively shortened the clock, like the half court rule in basketball?

Finally, what do you vets think about installing an over-and-back rule at, say, the ten second mark? So the offense would be required to keep the ball forward of half pool after a ten second runoff.


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Re: Question on End of Game Rules

Postby redleader » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:29 pm

That rule that you dealt with at that masters tournament is a USA water polo rule. No such rule exists in NCAA water polo.

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