Texas is Calling

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Texas is Calling

Postby TWP » Tue Jan 25, 2022 6:59 pm

It’s time to move. Texas is booming and moving water polo to UIL (equivalent to CIF in California) starting August 1st. High schools are hiring coaches now! Jobs will be posted for Southlake Carroll High School and Flower Mound High school next month. Both top academic and athletic schools in North Texas. NO STATE TAX... LOW GAS PRICES... FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS... it’s a place you will really love to be. Be part of the movement to make Texas the top hub for water polo in the US. The list of the 200 participating high schools will be out in March but don’t wait! Start looking for your preferred neighborhood now. Need information? Contact kwinkler@usawaterpolo.org and I will direct you to someone in the city you are interested in. You will need a Texas teaching cert but if you are qualified Texas has a one-year certification program that can be taken while you are employed. Session III NJO’s will be in Texas again this summer. Get here and get your teams ready to roll!

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