Best Historic Water Polo Countries

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How are you connected to water polo?: I run a ranking website for international sports.

Best Historic Water Polo Countries

Postby Abram Jones » Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:43 am

I have made a couple of bar chart races for 2 different eras. Keep in mind that these Elo ratings are wealth and population adjusted to determine true skill more accurately. California shows up in the 1980s for anyone who is interested (USA teams made up of players raised in California). California and USA team are subject to change as I learn more about the rosters. I will also make a bar chart race for recent decades at the close of 2019.

Cold War:

Olden Days:

If you want to view full rankings they are available here (select water polo):

1992-2019 are under construction, so newly added countries will not be appropriately rated at first for any given year.

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