Getting the ball live

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Getting the ball live

Postby oldtimer » Fri Sep 17, 2021 2:53 pm

sbdad wrote:I have a quick question regarding the "getting the ball live" rule. Defensive player commits ordinary foul and knocks the ball forward about 1 meter. offensive player moves inside to get the ball now at 5 meters with defender behind him. As the offensive player "pops" the ball up the defender attacks his arm. Kick out or no call?? I assume kick out since if he were passing or shooting after an ordinary and the defender encroaches he is kicked out. I guess the referee decided that since the ball left the players hand it was instantly live. Just curious how our experts would call that?

Copied from another topic.

I am not an expert - however, my understanding is that the ball is live as soon as it leaves the player's hand. The rule also says that the ball must be made live without 'undue delay' (I believe that's the wording). The question I would have is whether the defender hit the ball/hand or the arm. If the arm, that is either an exclusion or a penalty, I believe because he was behind. If he was in front, it would depend upon whether he gave the attacker space after the foul and before re-pressing.

With that in mind, here is what I try to teach my athletes. First, pick the ball up (don't let it float on the water) and look around. You will get a couple of seconds to decide what to do. The defender has to stay about arms length away. Since you have it in the 'triple threat' position, you can now pass it, make it live and either shoot (if outside 6M) or swim with it - as long as you are not moving from the point you picked it up from before making it live.

Since the defender has to wait until you make it live to attack, you can plan to step away just as you do so preventing the defender from immediately knocking it from your hand. If you decide to pass instead, the defender can't 'track' you so if you make a quick enough decision you can hit a driver that was aware enough to make his move just as his teammate is picking up the ball to make his decision, or you get the exclusion because he interfered with the free pass.

Don't know if that helps, but that's my understanding.

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