Just had an interesting encounter w a parent...

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Re: Just had an interesting encounter w a parent...

Postby contrafoul » Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:33 pm

JackBenny wrote:I would like to know why the coach didn't step in and question the call? I realize that some refs will just hand out a yellow or red card if a coach questions the call. The parent should have discussed this with the coach. Never a good idea to follow a ref if you are a parent and about to explode. Instead of posting on this board, the ref should have reported the parent and made a formal complaint. The parent should not be allowed on deck for his teenager's games for a probationary period. If a ref feels that he is being attacked or has to deal with the aggression of parents (in this case, in a confined area), then a substantial number of refs are going to quit. The parent needs to put this into perspective. This is just a weekend tournament. It is not the NCAA Championship Game and even at this level, you have no business doing what you did. You do yourself and your son a disservice. And you owe the ref an apology even though this ref may be the worst ref in the entire universe!

This was a 14&U Tournament, there were 2 games going on. Stop the game, and talk to the other ref. Pull both coaches to the side and explain your decision. Perhaps the coaches and you can come to a mutual decision or at least explain your decision. If not, you and the other ref make the call. At least this would have shown a bit more concern for the ending of the game. If there seems to be more issues with games you ref, then perhaps you need to discuss this with someone in charge. Obviously, you wrote on this message board because you were questioning your decision and you were very uncomfortable with the parent who followed you into the restroom. After reading these comments, do you regret posting on this message board?

contrafoul, I don't care if you were evaluated two weeks ago, it means nothing. I have seen refs over the years that are awful and they are still refereeing when they shouldn't be doing this job. But there are too many tournaments going on during the same weekends and because of this, the quality of referring is not always good. One can confidently say terrible at times. Besides, did you ever wonder why you are working a 14&U game and not an 18&U game or at the college level? Usually but not always, lower level or less qualified referees work younger games and/or lower level games.

Personally, I think all sides can learn a lesson.

Good points and questions Jack. After reading these comments I do not regret posting on these boards, however I am certainly more aware of who reads them. I did not realize that comments in the referee section would be streaming on the home page of the website. I might not have posted this thread had I known that. I know that being approached by parents is part of the game. I guess I just wanted a place to vent a little frustration about it. I am glad to have read other peoples opinions on the matter, now if something like this happens again, I will be more prepared to deal with the situation. So I certainly have learned from situation.

I don't wonder why I am only getting 14/u games. I know where I stand. In fact, I was happy to have 14/u games. I thought the level of play was really great on Sunday. These games are more fun to referee and a better learning experience. I just recently started refereeing in CA. I know who some of the best referees are and that they are getting 18/u games. That is fine by me. I hope to work my way up over the years and get older games as I get more experience.

Anyways, Im glad to have these boards as a place to discuss water polo issues...

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Re: Just had an interesting encounter w a parent...

Postby thesupernuge » Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:02 pm

Im confused, there must be missing threads... :shock:

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