You Make The Call! #26

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Re: You Make The Call! #26

Postby Doru Roll » Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:57 pm

D-man wrote:... I think a quick ejection on the defender for impeding, before the kickoff would punish the player making the initial contact to the lead attacker on the fast break.

Great video, though. Thanks, Oldtimer.

That's a very good point, D-man, and it's actually going to be whistled that way in Rio. FINA has been discussing that Impeding for the purpose of stopping the advance of the counter-attack, of which this video is a very good example, will be whistled as an exclusion even if it doesn't occur at the point of the ball. Doing so should promote movement, and also enable smaller but more agile players to gain position by taking advantage of their speed. This is one of the few points we all seem to agree that is really needed for the good of the sport.

Edit: I said: "it's actually going to be whistled that way in Rio". I should have said: "it's probably going to be whistled that way in Rio". Rio is still three months away, and the FINA TWPC may very well change their minds half a dozen times between now and then.

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Re: You Make The Call! #26

Postby tomj » Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:05 pm

Skallagrimsson wrote:IMHO, if you aren't going to call impeding, then you have to let the kick off go as well, since it is a direct reaction to the initial violation.

Within reason, yes. Holding me is not going to hurt me, but my kicking in response can hurt you. If the reaction kick off is not excessive, then call the initial foul or call nothing. However, if the reaction is an escalation of force or intensity, then the reaction should be called.

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