Scam or For Real

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Scam or For Real

Postby Concord High » Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:13 am

Hi, any help is appreciated. I posted on site for a water polo coach for a high school in Northern Calif. So far I have received 2 responses one from a son whose dad is an Israeli coach and another from an Italian coach, both wanting the job that pays only 1500.00 for 2 months of work. I work in the adoption field and deal with many "scammers" and with a lot of people sitting in boiler rooms in Africa wanting to have you send an airline ticket so they can send over a baby for you. They have both been honest about wanting to come to US. Is this for real? Has anyone ever hired a coach this way? Or is this a scam to get to the US? Help...I hate to be a skeptic and miss out on a good opportunity and at the same time don't want to be taken.

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Re: Scam or For Real

Postby Moderator » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:28 pm

There are many Europeans who want to come to coach in the US and are willing to do it for little money at first to "prove" themselves.

Before you do anything, I would recommend that you ask them for US references and check around to see if you can find someone who knows someone in their home country that can check.

We have many EUropean contacts and are happy to check for you.

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