JO prediction thread...

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Re: JO prediction thread...

Postby jlweath » Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:33 pm

mwb2001 wrote:Somewhat unrelated, but does anyone know how common it is for a team to drop out of JO's after qualifiers? My team had a very disappointing qualifier and went 3-2 although some teams went 1-4 and still made it. We would likely be the next team in. I know this is a long shot but our coach said he wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

To answer your question from my experience, is there is a possibility of your team getting in. I do not know what zone or age group you are in, but all the zones get allocations for both the Championship and Classic for each age group. Some zones for an age group will not use all their allocations, so those slots are now open for the zones that have a need (that have used up their allocations), so they will pull in teams that originally might not go.

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Re: JO prediction thread...

Postby McKlintock » Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:33 pm

Thersites wrote:Would be helpful if we can get the rosters published on here, so we are not in the dark of
whose on which Vanguard team, if graduated Seniors are playing and or Foreigners.

Rbpolo0414 wrote:18u SOPAC Top 10 Seeds:

Vanguard White (A)
United (CB)
Vanguard Red
Chawp white
Vanguard (HB)

Assuming everyone is available to play in quals, the first five seem to be a lock to finish in top eight at quals to make Platinum. The rest of the teams will be fighting for the remaining three slots to make Platinum. I don't understand why Northwood is seeded in top 10, so I'd expect OCWPC, Set, CHAWP, Vanguard (HB) and CDM to fight it out for spots 6-8. I'll go with OCWPC, CHAWP and Vanguard (HB) to fill those spots, but it will be interesting to see which teams show up with graduating seniors, and which players are available this weekend for the two superteams. Enjoy the games this weekend!

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Re: JO prediction thread...

Postby wpolo93 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:31 am

Obviously not a prediction. But I thought it could be fun to look at the 2012 12U boys final standing in the Platinum Division.
Six years later, many of the same boys are now competing in 18U.

1 SOCAL Black
2 United Blue
3 Huntington Beach
5 Northwood
6 Santa Barbara
7 Commerce
8 SD Shores
9 Laguna Beach WPC
10 Rose Bowl
13 SOCAL Gold
14 Capo Valley Alliance A
15 Lamorinda A
16 Corona Del Mar
17 Newport Beach Blue
18 680 A Drivers
19 South Bay United
20 Greenwich Aquatics
21 Trojan
22 Anteater
23 Ripon
24 Irvine Kahuna

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Re: JO prediction thread...

Postby mwb2001 » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:00 pm

Thanks for the info but doesn't seem likely. In 16u boys which is probs the most crowded group. And come from a non cali zone so I doubt it.

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